About Elena Miller

Elena has had a lifelong interest in working with animals. Her family had been adopting animals since before she was born so she was lucky enough to grow up with dogs, cats and horses. Although she has always loved dogs, it had never occurred to her that she could build a successful career through dog training. Elena went to SUNY Albany and graduated with a BA in Broadcast Meteorology. After working in the TV News industry for several years, she was no longer happy with her job and knew she needed to make a change. Elena and her husband attended a training course with their rescue dogs and it completely changed their lives (and their dogs’ lives) in such a positive manner! Elena worked with their dogs daily and would get compliments on how well behaved they were; it was then she realized she could make her passion for training dogs into a successful career! The personal experiences she had with her own dogs helped motivate Elena to open Dogs Unleashed K9 Training. Her goal with training is to help others open a line of communication and create a better relationship with their beloved four-legged family members.

Elena’s research led her to the internationally renowned National K-9 Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio. While there, she became certified in eleven different areas of professional dog training including; basic obedience, advanced obedience, behavior modification, utility, breed identification, puppy development, tracking, scent detection, personal protection, police K-9, and retrieval.   

She is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and the National K-9 Dog Trainers Association. In addition, she is certified by the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid. Elena lives in Towaco, NJ with her husband, Johnny and their three rescues: Scooter, Blue, and Penny. She looks forward to helping you “Unleash your best friend’s potential!”



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No two dogs are alike. Therefore, no two dogs can be trained identically.

Some dogs learn faster or slower than others, but that doesn’t mean one is smarter than the other. It just means it may take more time before the dog’s “light bulb” goes on and he/she thinks “ohh, so that’s what you want me to do!”

There is not just one single way to train a dog, which is why I use many different tools to find the technique that works best for you and your dog. Training your dog takes consistency, practice, and lots and lots of patience. Training is an ongoing process and should be incorporated into everyday life. This way, it becomes a lifestyle for your dog and he or she knows what is expected at all times.  

I believe there should be a balance between both physical and mental exercise. Learning should be a fun experience for both you and your dog. It doesn’t matter what your goal is; it could be that you just want your dog to stop pulling on the leash when you go for a walk, or to stop jumping on people or things, or you want your dog to stop barking when they see other dogs or people. I believe every dog is trainable, and we will work together to find the best method for your dog! Every family should have the opportunity to have a well-behaved dog that is a pleasure to be with whether at home or in public. 


Training Services

Areas of training include:

Puppy 101 (puppies up to 16 weeks) - Crate training, socialization, name recognition.

Basic Obedience - On-leash basic manners, heel, sit, down, and recall.

Advanced Obedience - On and off-leash manners, heel, sit, down, stand, touch, recall, and place.

Behavior Modification - House training, shyness/fear, aggression, separation anxiety, etc.

Trick Training - Sit pretty, spin, bow, etc.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Training - Get the skills to pass the Canine Good Citizen test

Utility/Confidence Building - Beginning stages of Agility. 

All training services are preceded by an evaluation so we can discuss what would work best for both you and your dog, Evaluations are $50, which can go towards any training package when you sign up. I offer training for all breeds and all ages.

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Elena was a great trainer! We had a wonderful experience with dogs unleashed. She was professional, flexible and great with our husky. She was patient and thorough and now Odin is so obedient. We feel comfortable with him around all our family and friends, even strangers. We wouldn't use anyone else with our future pups!

                       - Chelsey and Mike L. 

Elena is a top-notch dog trainer. We believe getting our puppy, Cooper, trained by Elena was one of the best decisions we've made. When we adopted Cooper from an animal shelter a few months back, Cooper seemed always happy and excited but yet gets easily scared by so many things and follows none of our commands. We tried training Cooper ourselves but that didn't work. After witnessing amazing results on Mike and Chelsey's, Odin, we decided to bring Cooper to Elena. At the end of a week of training, Cooper is now so well behaved, calm, and confident. He follows our directions pretty well! We definitely recommend Elena Miller's Dogs Unleashed K9 Training!

                       - Sohit and JP

I met Elena through a customer at my job and recommend her to me. She is a very well experienced dog trainer. She's definitely patient in working with your dog. I love her mannerism and her friendliness towards my dog and myself. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of training their dog especially if they have no time or patience to do it on their own. 

                       - Esmeralda O.

We never thought our 3 year old "rescue" Chihuahua was trainable until we found Elena. His behaviors were unmanageable and unpredictable. After being trained, he is a well behaved dog who knows how he is expected to behave and respond. Taking Izzy for a walk before training was a chore, but now it is a pleasure to walk with him in the neighborhood or in the local parks. During our walks, we are consistently being complimented on about how well behaved he is. We are so thankful for Elena and her work! I would highly recommend Dogs Unleashed K9 Training to all!

                       - Lisa and Jason B.

We honestly can't recommend Elena enough. She is an excellent dog trainer who really takes the time to listen to the specific issues you're dealing with, and not only tailors each plan to work with you and your dog - but will continue to work with you until you get the results you're looking for. It's clear she's passionate about what she does and really focused on doing her job well.

Our golden retriever puppy, Lucy, is all around a great puppy- but we were struggling with leash pulling, her jumping on people, and her generally ignoring our commands when she felt like it. After we heard about Elena through a friend in our community, we enrolled Lucy in a week of on-leash training and a few months later in off-leash training - and we couldn't be happier.

Elena really went way above and beyond our expectations. While Lucy was with her, she taught her how to swim, helped build her confidence so that she was no longer scared of everyday items, and taught her how to properly jump into a car. She also gave us daily updates on Lucy's progress! Not only is Lucy so well-behaved (we get compliments everywhere we go) but it's so nice to 1. See her be confident in herself and let her true personality come out with her new found freedom and 2. Trust that she will do what we ask of her in any situation. We can now call her into a heel from a distance, put her in a "place" if we have guests over who are scared of dogs, and trust that she will listen to us even with many distractions (i.e. a picnic in central park with lots of balls flying around!"). We're all much happier.

We would highly recommend Elena and will be working with her to continue to advance Lucy's training along with any of our future dogs. We did a lot of research before working with her and think her rates were better than any others we found and we got so much for what we paid for!

                       - Nivi and Girish N.

We have a large breed puppy (5 months, 60+ pounds) and one of the best decisions we made was to have him trained by Elena and Dogs Unleashed. Knowing next to nothing about having a dog but the importance of safety and our own interest in manners of our dog, we are thrilled with the outcome. Our pup did the board and train for a week and what was absorbed in that period of time would have taken months - for us anyway. He had began growling, nipping at my and our kiddos, pulling on the leash and would have a fits at times in the crate. Training on e-collar, learning proper leash holds and commands have made my comfort level increase tremendously. Elena is very prompt at responding and very genuinely interested in the success of training. I eagerly recommend any friends I know with dogs, or anyone I can for that matter. Best experience so far and really grateful! 

                       - Laurie and Erio C.

We sent our dog Indy our rescue pup, a 1.5 year old Catahoula mix, for two week off-leash training to Elena in March. Our dog had major confidence issues and needed overall behavioral training. When we were reunited with Indy, she was so much more confident, happy, and so well trained. The reason we wanted off-leash training opposed to any sort of traditional training is because it encompasses the best of both worlds - on leash obedience with the great skills of off-leash recall. 
Living in NYC means that we are closer to vehicles and a multitude of distractions. Our dog is a medium to larger breed with tons of energy and she flat out needs to run. This is a difficult task to achieve here, and the only way to do it is off-leash. Elena's training gave us the confidence and our pup the discipline to be safe and get the most out of where we live. Before the training we felt terrible that she could easily run off and or into a dangerous situation. But ultimately it gave our pup freedom, and it gave us confidence to know she is much safer now. We always get compliments on how well behaved she is.
Elena is extremely thorough in her training, and extremely patient, especially when it comes to training us how to keep up the training. She's professional, courteous, patient, and down right determined.  

                       - KatieJo B. and Kyle C.